Interesting Facts And Information For Both Men And Women Regarding Cystitis

Our modern medical community ought to know about cystitis, or interstitial cystitis – the diagnosis and the cure. Unfortunately, modern science has absolutely no idea, after a century of research, what is going on. Some diseases simply cannot be cured through modern science or medicine. That is just how it is. So you can understand cystitis, we are going to present what we know about this disease today.

Some forms of interstitial cystitis cause ulcers form. Others do not. Doctors today are trying to define the difference between the two types. Really, it’s not surprising when you realize that there are many differences in each potential diagnoses. Admin of good news in relation to cystitis is that 90% of those that get this condition will not develop ulcers in their body. If you are thinking of ulcers that develop in your digestive tract, these are not the same. The ulcers will form in the bladder wall. This is where interstitial cystitis is contracted and why the ulcers will form in this location. One thing about both kinds, though, is either one can come with very small bleeding spots.

The range of symptoms associated with interstitial cystitis is quite large, though a diagnosis is definitely possible. IC also has a new acronym: PBS. This stands for painful bladder syndrome. If you are a female, and you are sexually active, you will more than likely have a better chance of getting IC than a man. Some doctors actually believe that this condition does not exist, and often misdiagnosed it, despite the symptoms. The main reason they think this is because of a urinary tract infection test that is given.

Physicians get confused when the UTI comes back negative. They then only have symptoms to go by and are confused by what course of action to take. As you can imagine, this makes for a confusing and frustrating situation.

In addition to the non-bacterial form of IC, there is a kind that is caused by a bacterial infection. When the body has an infection in it, inflammation is the usual response. Your bladder will have some sort of inflammation if bacteria has infiltrated its walls. Irritation and pain in the pelvic area are usually symptoms of this particular condition. Anyone that gets this particular condition, interstitial cystitis, will not have to worry about cancer forming later on. You can also stop worrying about developing a kidney problem as interstitial cystitis does not lead to kidney related issues. You need to realize that anybody can develop this particular disease as little is known about cystitis at this time. The people that will get IC tend to be women, not men. It is not known why. There are lifestyle factors involved with some cases such as a correlation with degree of sexual activity. On other hand, that is just a statistical correlation and not a guarantee which is obviously a good thing.


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